Doctor Who Party Food Ideas and Menus

When it comes to preparing food that’s worthy of satisfying the appetite and hunger of several Whovians Doctor Who Party Food Ideasthere’s just one thing you need to ask, “What did the Doctor eat?”

Many fans know that throughout the history of the Doctor, a few of the regenerations had their own food quirks especially the 11th Doctor.

So putting together a menu that’ll make any of the Doctors proud isn’t that hard at all. Below is a list of Doctor Who party food dishes and items you might want to include in your spread.


Put away the two liter sodas and set out something more enticing to wet the whistles of your party guests. There are several fun Doctor Who themed drink recipes available that’s easy to make and quite refreshing. Here are just a few examples.

  • Green Sonic Screwdriver Cocktail (for the adults)  made with Blue Curacao, vodka, and orange juice or make a virgin version with green Kool-Aid for the kids
  • Tardis Punch for everyone with sherbet ice cream for a frothy creamy top
  • Hot Chocolate because an ode to the very first Doctor is a must Water, it’s not fancy but it’s sufficient


Before digging into the main feast, give your guests something to nibble on as they take in your awesomely decorated Doctor Who party and discuss and debate over who was the best Doctor of all time.

  • Fruit plate with chopped apples, grapes, strawberries and bananas with fruit yogurt dipping
  • A veggie platter with celery sticks and carrots
  •  Bean sprout soup to warm the bellies
  • Fish sticks and custard because you don’t want to disappoint the 11th Doctor

Main Course

You know the food is a success when people keep going back to the table for second, third and fourth helpings. And no you don’t need to learn how to cook breast of peacock or an apple-in-the mouth boar’s head to wow your guests. With these delicious Doctor Who dishes, you can’t go wrong.

  • Adipose Rice Bento with seaweed eyes and mouth and fried fish fillet
  • Simple beef stew with flat bread on the side
  • Roast fowl (or chicken) with boiled potatoes
  • Sandwiches served with a bowl of beans
  • Pasta bows bolognese


End the meal on a sweet and delectable note. Now this is where the menu gets exciting and with an array of desserts that’ll have every child hyped up on sugar for hours and every adult abandoning their strict diets, everyone will surely satisfy their sweet tooth.

  • TARDIS Blueberry Pavlova
  • Jammie Dodgers
  • Strawberry Dalek Cupcakes
  • Blue Velvet Tardis Cake
  • Weeping Angel Sugar Cookies
  • Chocolate Dipped Adipose Marshmallows on a Stick

And the list of yummy desserts can go on forever, but we’ll stop here before you contract diabetes just from reading.

Each and every single item on this food list has some kind of Doctor Who theme to them or has personally made an appearance on one of the hundreds of Doctor Who shows from the past few decades.

Happy eating Whovians!

Dining With The Doctor: The Unauthorized Whovian Cookbook



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